Competetive Examinations and Sarkari Result

An examination is also called as a test, formally. So, what is a competitive examination? Competitive examination is a formal test conducted for all the applicants to get a seat for academics or to get the desired job. Aspirants write the competitive examinations to get the jobs, usually government jobs. The government bodies select the candidates and publish the same through sarkari result. Many newspapers publish the sarkari result. When the government publishes the India results, the aspirants get to know their status. These india results tell the future of the candidates. These Indian results for government jobs are the exam results. The candidates get ready next levels of tests, through these exam results. Most of the printed and electronic media publish the India results.

Types of Examinations  Sarkari Result

The examination boards conduct the examinations in various types. Majorly, there are two types of exams. The first kind of exam is the closed book test. They seek the aspirants to give their examinations, on the basis of memory, as they should not accompany any books or any kind of electronic gadgets for communication with the external world. Most of the sarkari or government exams are conducted in this way, called closed book type of examination. They finally assess the capabilities of the applicant, by checking the answers given by them. The government or examination board finally releases the shortlisted candidates, in the form of sarkari result.

These boards conduct the examinations in another way also. They conduct the exam as the open book test. The board conducts this examination for some special conditions. They conduct this examination, by allowing some tools for reference. For example, the applicant can bring a reference book, or calculators. Some technical boards conduct these examinations, by allowing the students to carry calculators with them. Finally the sarkari result are announced, based on how well they gave answers.

Standardized Test and Non tandardized Tests

Standardized Tests

Most of the examinations conduct either open book or closed book examinations. However, there is a pattern and style of exam. These tests can be standardized tests or non-standardized tests.

The boards prefer standardized tests to administer the scoring in a consistent or standardized manner. They design these tests to make many parameters in a standardized and consistent manner. They make sure that the questions given, procedures followed for scoring and the relative interpretations become consistent. They administer the exam in a predefined manner. They score the marks in a standardized manner.

In the standardized tests, all the applicants give the test for same questions and in the same manner. Sarkari boards conduct the exams usually in this way. And the sarkari results are also published in the same manner for all the candidates.

The standardized tests are considered to be the most recognized pattern as it is the greatest social contribution.

Non-Standardized Tests

The examination boards may conduct the tests in non-standardized manner also. In the non-standardized tests, the students get flexible formats and patterns. The boards show variation, not only in the format, but also in the difficulty levels and the significance.

Usually, individual instructors develop the tests for the non-standard formats. So, the other individuals and instructors use these formats less likely and less frequently. However, sarkari exams and sarkari result will not follow these formats . It is because the competition will be given for all the candidates with equal scope, space and level of difficulty.

However, the non-standardized tests are useful to assess the students, who stand at various stages. It also allows the boards and institutions to provide the feedback individually to the students.


Almost all the government examination boards follow the standardized tests to assess and filter the candidates. It is because of three reasons. The first reason is that it follows the same scope. The second reason is that it follows the same level of difficulty. The third reason is that it follows the same format. So, the sarkari results would be fair and accurate to assess all the candidates applied for specific jobs.


The examination body conducts the standardized exams at the fixed schedules. So, all the aspirants have to write the exams exactly the same schedule. However, if the total number of candidates are more, the board conducts the exams in multiple schedules. It makes sure that all the batches get the same level of difficulty and scope of the examination.

The government body makes the arrangements accordingly, for huge number of applicants and candidates. It makes the schedules in one day with two sessions with different timings. It makes the instructors to be available at the same date and time, accordingly.


Government examination bodies conduct the examinations for the aspirants and candidates in various ways and formats. These bodies prefer the exams most commonly as the written examinations. These written examinations vary, according to the knowledge and expertise required.

The newspapers publish the sarkari results for varied tests. If they conduct the test in the form of multiple choice, they find it easy to publish the sarkari results. If they conduct the descriptive, correction and making results will be difficult. So, they find the multiple choice questions to be comfortable to produce the sarkari results. Indian results are also termed as sarkariresults. All India results are the exam result of the competitive exams. These Indiaresults or examresults show the capability of the students in their aptitudes.


The aspirants should acquaint the necessary knowledge to answer any kind of test. The students have to explore all possible ways to fulfill the demands of the test. So, the aspirants usually prepare according to the syllabus. The students can answer all the questions easily, if they get enough knowledge and skill for the test. Hence, all the aspirants have to follow each and every aspect of the syllabus. If the students acquaints the necessary knowledge, he or she will be through the tests and will get the job.