Home Based Jobs To Do If You’re Unemployed

The age of technology has brought in a lot more than just small devices and cool gadgets. The addition of internet-based technology has also supplemented the job market by adding another niche to employment: home-based jobs.

In the past, working from home was a preposterous notion. Entrepreneurship and Martha Stewart were the only examples of what could be done without actually joining the market. But then again, even they (entrepreneurs) had to go out for more business.

Today, however, the term “home-based job” is quite common and there are various ways you can run this once-impossible errand. In fact, according to the 2010 US Census Bureau, 4.2 million more Americans work from home than they did a decade ago. Although, you might find a long list of countless ways you can earn money from home, not all of them will be legitimate or well-paying.

For this reason, we will present you with the list of the top 7 best home based jobs that are both legit and well-paying.

  1. Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants are just like personal assistants except they do their work online. The client requiring the assistance could be anyone who is too busy to run “petty” errands, or a small business in need of a temporary employee. The employment could also be permanent depending on what the client requires. You could be making calls for appointments, answering emails, making reports, or running other small tasks for the client. Virtual assistants can earn anything between $15 per hour to $100 per hour. A company like Zirtual hires VA’s.
  2. Web Designer: If you have the required design skills and bit of coding genius in you, you can work as a web designer that is currently very popular and high in demand. Web-hosting platforms such as WordPress and Blogger have made a designers life easy by reducing the amount of code required, so it’s something you will be able to do with even just the basic coding knowledge.
  3. Editor/Writer: Unfortunately, due to the explosion of online writing and blogging, the traditional paper-media has suffered. However, this is good news for work-from-home individuals who are looking for easy money. An online writing job ranges from writing novel, to writing blogs or articles, and even marketing ad copies. This could include writing and proofreading any piece of academic project such as a dissertation. Take for instance Peak Dissertation, a company that offers dissertation writing, researching and proofreading services. Students from different regions seek the website when they are in need of academic help. A great writer/editor will require only above-average English language skills, which may come easily to a native English speaker. If you run your own blog, you can also earn from posting about someone else’s blog, advertisement, or through other arrangements. A writer could earn anything between $4 per post to $25 per post.
  4. Graphic Designer: This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have the knack for graphics and possess great artistic skills, you could make a living with the artwork you produce on a computer. For this,you will need to learn graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Coral Draw which can be learned through online tutorials and step-by-step videos.
  5. Tech Support Specialist: A call center job is both genuine and well-paying. With the outburst of technology, internet and websites, come the demand for online tech support specialists. This is another occupation that is expected to increase quite a lot in the near future.
  6. Medical Transcriptionist: If you have medical background, you could easily work as a medical transcriptionist who is currently high in demand. A medical transcriptionist’s job is to covert a doctor’s dictation over the phone into text format.  The median hourly earnings for this job is $16.36 according to the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  7. Social Media Specialist: Are you a fan of social media? If so, companies are always looking for social savvy people to keep their Facebook and Twitter accounts fresh and lively. Here’s a great app to find social media jobs.

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