High-Paying Online Work from Home Jobs

In today’s world of mobile technology and 24/7 connection to our networks, telecommuting has become easier than ever. But, while not every job is well-suited to the mobile worker, there are some careers that make working from home a strong possibility.

“The ability to work from home is a privilege, not a right,” says Katie Bardaro, lead economist at online salary database PayScale.com. “The best way to prepare yourself for it is to become a star performer in your current role and show the powers that be that you have the ability to succeed in your role with limited supervision.”

It is common for employees with work-from-home privileges to report higher earnings than their in-office counterparts. This is probably because trusted and valued workers are more likely to be able to negotiate a work-from-home situation.

“It’s very rare to be able to work from home if you’re just starting out in your career, because people have no idea whether they can trust you to work well without supervision,” Bardaro says. “So it’s people who’ve been in their career for a while, have a defined skill set that’s super-useful or have been able to prove themselves and say, ‘Hey look, I’m a good worker — I know what I’m doing, I need very limited supervision.’”

If the idea of telecommuting – and working in your pajamas – appeals to you, read on for our list of six high-paying jobs that can be done from home:

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