Employment News Updates

Employment is the most awaited fruit for every educated and even less educated aspirant in the world.  So, every aspirant looks for the employment careers in the Employment news papers. All the aspirants show interest to track not only today’s but also the employment news this week. This is to ensure that the employment news of this week for all the employment careers update. Aspirants started searching the internet for the employment news epaper, no matter, the employment updates in Hindi or any language is present.

Employment NewsWe all have to go through the latest employment news. It should includes both the today employment news from the employment newspaper this week and today. The aspirants can access the employment news in any language. It may be like today employment news from employment news in Tamil as well as the Tamil employment news.

Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India is a serious concern for the entire country, as it has become a serious social concern and social issue. We can access the statistics and records of the unemployment in India. This is recorded and maintained by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India. Unemployment is defined, before understanding the employment. We can understand and perceive unemployment as the requirement for the jobs, by the unemployed persons.

Statistics of Unemployment in India

The rate of unemployment is reached at the highest in the year 2001. It reached 41750 thousand, which is all time high in the country. However, the unemployed persons were only 24861 thousand, by the year 1985. The unemployed persons seek jobs actively to work. They seek job to become breadwinners. They become the breadwinners to feed themselves and the family.

Rate of Unemployment

The rate of unemployment is constantly changing in a big country, like India. The rate of unemployment reaches to 9.4 per cent. It is the all-time high rate and it was happened in December, 2010. The rate of unemployment reaches to 3.8 per cent. It is the all-time low. This rate was reached in December , 2011.

India Skills Report

India Skills Report launches the report on skill development in India. It tells how many people are employable, among a set of people. It reports that 34% of people are employable, among 1,00,000 aspirants. These are the people, who seek employment in the country.

The India Skills Report also captures the levels of skills from the talent pools. They also provide the report about the hiring estimates. They release the report usually for the major industry sectors.

The India Skills Report also delivers the report about the hiring levels of the industries. For example, it surveys various sectors, such as ITES, BPO, Manufacturing, BFSI, etc. According to its report, these industries are not going to recruit or high more number of candidates. So, it does not show major changes in the recruitment. It also reports that there are certain industries, which are going to hire more number of candidates. According to the report, Hospitality, travel, Engineering and core industries are going to hire more number of candidates. It is higher, when compared to the other industries, recruiting in India.

How to Follow Employment News

The candidates, who are aspiring to get the employment have to follow the employment news on regular basis, in fact on daily basis. The employment news today is available through various media and channels. Employment news paper is the best resource or source that everyone can access and the employment news in Hindi or English, when it comes to the national employment news. The candidates can access to the employment news epaper with internet. He or she can get the latest employment updates instantly. There is no need to wait for the typical employment news this week. Because the employment news of this week can be published and released only once in a week. Today employment news can give regular employment careers, compared to the employment newspaper this week.

There are lacs of aspirants, throughout the country, for almost all the states of the country. So,employment news is usually published not only in the national and international languages, but also in all the regional languages, such as Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil employment news, and many other languages.

Eligibility and Requirement

We think and believe that the companies consider our academic qualification. It is not true, every time and for every industry. According to the reports, the sectors and companies do not look for mere educational qualifications of the candidates. In fact, they look for the skill of the candidates. So, we should improve our skills, without limiting to just our educational qualifications.

Other Requirement

Majorly the sectors and companies look for the skills. They also look for the other requirements, apart from this major requirement. They majorly look for four other requirements.

  1. Gender of the candidate
  2. Age of the aspirant
  3. Domain knowledge of the candidates
  4. State, to which the candidate belongs to

The aspirants have to understand one thing. The above four parameters the secondary parameters. The aspirant can have control of the domain, rather than the remaining three other factors. There is nothing to worry. However, the candidate can have better control of the primary requirement. So, if the candidate acquires the skills that are specific to the employment opportunity, he or she can easily get the employment. Employment news publishes all the requirements. These requirements include the educational qualifications, skills required, knowledge acquired, etc.

Final Word

Every educated citizen in the country, looks for the employment actively. The cream of the story is that the candidate has to acquire two things. The first thing is the educational qualifications. The other thing is that they also have to acquire the knowledge and skill in the same domain. Candidate has to acquire, both the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical knowledge.